Dispute Resolution and Avoidance

We will develop tools for the commercial team to deploy which will be in line with the contract and will protect against the risk of unrecoverable overspend and delay. 

Templates and flowcharts which are easy to follow will ensure the presentation of our client’s entitlement, consistently.

We identify the deliverables and resources required and using our knowledge and experience, prepare estimates of time and cost, and resource constraints, and develop a realistic project timeline.
We will review the contract and the records and listen to the site team to understand what isn’t written.

We’ll express our client’s claims in a clear and comprehensive manner to maximize chances of settlement. Our consultants are proud to have successfully engineered resolution without escalation, of claims relating to critical delay events, disruptive events affecting productivity, the costs associated with acceleration and damages-based claims arising from breach of contract.

We will analyse and transform your data into simple, coherent and reliable reports to enable efficient planning and decision making and to ensure stakeholders are aware of the project’s progress.

Key risks and opportunities are presented as dashboards, and are regularly updated to show in real-time, the status of the project from a time and cost perspective.


Executive Level Services

Our Executive Level Services offering reflects our team’s connectedness to the Middle East infrastructure and energy sectors.  Our clients rely on us for our market intelligence and ask us to connect them with staffing solutions based on our knowledge of the local market.  We connect clients with prospective JV partners for future tenders and provide due diligence support and brokering services, to enable our clients to achieve their commercial objectives in the Middle East. 



Our Projects