Executive Services

Settlement Guidance

I provide expert settlement guidance, advising clients on negotiating and securing the best outcomes. My approach includes identifying favourable terms, representing clients in negotiations, and aligning agreements with their goals. With industry-specific expertise, I ensure each settlement is strategically optimised.

Likelihood of Recovery

I evaluate the potential for recovery in claims and accounts, supporting clients’ annual auditing needs. Through detailed assessments, I highlight recoverability prospects, aiding in financial planning and risk management. This service empowers clients to prioritise and effectively pursue recoverable claims.

Lead Generation

I generate leads for law firms specialising in arbitrations.  I do this by identifying projects, identifying the contractors and developers and the decision makers within each whose role is to identify law firms for dispute resolution mandates.  

I separately connect with Partners at international law firms with strong credentials in the construction industry and play them into the appropriate relationship with the contractor or developer.

Dispute Management

I support General Counsels, Commercial Directors, and JV representatives with strategic dispute management advice. Focusing on case strengths, funding, expert appointments, and third-party funding, I help navigate legal complexities to achieve favourable outcomes. 

My guidance is focused on equipping clients to navigate the complexities and challenges of high-stakes arbitration, ensuring they are thoroughly prepared for all facets of the process.