Employer Side Services

Third Party Assessment Time & Cost

I perform impartial assessments of contractor time and cost claims for employers, critically evaluating each claim’s validity to ensure it’s justified. This careful analysis helps employers differentiate between substantiated and exaggerated claims, guiding them toward informed, equitable decisions on project adjustments and financial compensations.

Time Schedule Analysis

Through detailed time schedule analysis, I assist employers in evaluating the legitimacy of contractor claims for extended project timelines. By comparing claimed delays with actual project progress and schedules, I provide a factual basis for assessing claim validity, aiding employers in making fair determinations that reflect project realities.

Dispute Settlement Representation and Resolution

I represent employers in dispute settlements, focusing on achieving fair outcomes in disputes over time and cost claims by contractors. With a strategic approach to negotiation and a deep understanding of the contractual landscape, I aim to find resolutions that are both equitable and aligned with the project’s overall success, safeguarding the employer’s interests.

Contractual Compliance

I assist employers in ensuring contractor compliance with contract terms, especially in the context of claim submissions. By conducting detailed reviews of claims and contractual obligations, I provide an objective evaluation of compliance levels, helping employers navigate the complexities of claim legitimacy and enforce contract standards for project success.