Contractor Advisory Services

Forensic Analysis and Time Claims

I offer forensic analysis and support on time claims for contractors, delving into project documentation and timelines to unearth substantiated claims for extensions or delays. This careful examination aids in constructing compelling, evidence-backed claims, positioning contractors to negotiate deserved extensions and compensations.

Loss & Expense

I specialise in identifying and quantifying loss and expense claims for contractors, providing a detailed analysis that captures the full extent of incurred losses and additional costs due to project alterations or delays. This comprehensive approach ensures that all claimable expense is accurately represented and substantiated, improving the potential for successful recovery.

Productivity Analysis

Through detailed productivity analysis, I assist contractors in identifying inefficiencies and proving productivity impacts for claims. By comparing planned versus actual productivity metrics, I help pinpoint areas where external factors have hindered project progress, supporting claims for compensation due to productivity losses.


I provide targeted training for contractors, focusing on claim preparation, contract management, and dispute resolution skills. This training empowers contractors with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively manage contracts, prepare substantiated claims, and navigate disputes with confidence, ultimately enhancing their negotiation and resolution outcomes.