6 Jun 2023

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In an insightful interview with Construction Week Middle East, Stefan Panourgias from Composite Consult explored the transformative impact of data analytics on resolving construction claims. 

Panourgias highlighted that common disputes like delays, defects, changes, payments, and terminations could be more efficiently addressed through predictive analytics, real-time project monitoring, and risk assessments. However, he also pointed out challenges such as data inconsistency, privacy concerns, and the skills gap, suggesting solutions like uniform data collection methods, robust data-sharing protocols, and investing in professional development.

Panourgias emphasized the potential of predictive analytics to anticipate and prevent issues, recommending the maintenance of comprehensive datasets and the integration of analytics throughout the project lifecycle. He also discussed the importance of data visualisation tools like ‘measured mile’ approaches and Building Information Modelling (BIM) for effective dispute resolution.

Regarding legal and ethical considerations, Panourgias advised compliance with regulations like GDPR and secure, transparent data usage practices. For managing and analysing construction data, he mentioned tools like Python, SQL, Tableau, and AI technologies such as Harvey and Co-Counsel, which streamline legal research and analysis.

To parties new to data analytics, Panourgias advised starting small, focusing on data quality, investing in expertise, and maintaining clear objectives. These practices, he suggested, are essential for leveraging data analytics in construction claims resolution, offering a pathway to more informed and efficient dispute management.


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