11 Apr 2023

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Stefan Panourgias emphasises the significance of cultivating genuine relationships within professional networks for long-term success. 

He points out that effective networking is about more than just making contacts; it’s about creating meaningful connections by understanding people’s experiences, interests, and goals. 

This approach not only enhances innovation and problem-solving, as supported by a Harvard Business Review study, but also ensures that when assembling teams for specific projects, the right specialists are chosen based on a deep understanding of their methods and styles.

Stefan Panourgias advocates for ‘candidate due diligence’ to ensure the compatibility and suitability of team members for specific tasks, emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in this process. Such diligence leads to assembling teams that can communicate effectively, adapt to managerial discussions, and deliver optimal results.

Furthermore, he highlights the role of reciprocity in building strong professional relationships, suggesting that networking, mentorship, and sharing insights contribute significantly to positioning oneself as a thought leader. A Deloitte survey reinforces the importance of networking and relationship-building as critical skills in today’s job market, underscoring Stefan Panourgias’s message that a deliberate and genuine approach to networking is key to achieving success in any industry.


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