Composite Consult is more than just a consulting firm.

We support and advise leading businesses in the infrastructure and energy sector to achieve their commercial objectives.

We do that by providing our clients – construction leaders – with concise, simple, commercial advice and strategic guidance. Our objective is to enable our clients to maximize their project profit margins and to protect them from the risks associated with Middle Eastern infrastructure projects.

We understand that for our international clients, Middle Eastern projects constitute a significant investment for the business.  Our knowledge of the region enables us to provide local support, and to connect our clients with industry leaders. Our goal is to ensure our clients make the returns they have projected on their projects, and we do that through proactively suggesting solutions, and delivering robust advice and analysis, taking into account industry practice and commercial realities.

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Our method

Our consultants comprise a team with incredible cognitive diversity, and we collaborate to ensure our clients receive the benefit of our combined expertise.  Our method involves:


Identify the project’s key metrics


Discuss the high value issues that require careful understanding


Identify the potential challenges


Provide efficient and practical strategic advice and support to enable resolution


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